Mission Statement

Bright Moon Theatre
Mission Statement;

Bright Moon Theatre fosters collaboration and conversation through theatre arts; promoting traditional folk tales and therapeutic storytelling through the writing, making and performance of puppetry.

It is a platform for performers and artists of different disciplines to come together and create new works and explore new ways of telling old stories through the mediums of puppetry and theatre arts.

Created for all audiences in mind, our storytelling offers layers of symbol and messages that are universally beneficial to everyone, from the very young to the very old (and everyone in between!); across languages and cultures, story has the ability to unify and transcend.

Some productions are specifically devised for younger children in the Early Years setting, and some with a specific focus on a particular therapeutic message (for example, resilience, confidence, friendship, transition, navigation, growth, and finding ones voice).

Educational Arts & Crafts Practice

Alongside performance development and production, I am promoting the creative exchange of practical theatre making through design and making workshops, with the focus on set design and construction, prop sourcing, costume and fabrication of puppet theatre.

Design and making take on considerations of the hand-made and promotes the use of traditional crafts with ethical practices and a sustainable focus.

A central ethos of Bright Moon Theatre is using natural materials (wool, silk, cotton, wood / stones, shells and feathers) and investigating the hand-craft of small batch production; of cloth-dying for example, using resources such as natural indigo and wild mushrooms to colour fabrics, and using hand-spun elements such as rare-breed wool and nettle fibres in the design and making process.

Reviving and exploring traditional folk crafts is also important and often presents a new learning experience or opportunity to connect with traditional crafts-people and makers. In this way, we can bring to light the direct link between the natural world and the artistic work, whilst also giving the finished production an atmosphere of heritage and timelessness.

Set and props at Bright Moon Theatre are often a combination of the hand-made and reclaimed and vintage items, with emphasis on sourcing the right item from local charities or outlets that have an ethos on recycling both the old and the new back into use. In this way objects become repurposed and seen in a different light, adding their own histories to the story.

Tending to the Soil & Soul;
A Therapeutic Pathway

In addition to making and performing, I also see the role of Bright Moon Theatre as a therapeutic space for individuals, offering sessions in discovery, development and exploration of self, through a selection of arts mediums including painting, sand tray, music, storytelling, performance and puppetry.

In my experience of personal development and therapeutic practice, when a person is unable to tend to their own physical health and emotional needs, perhaps due to trauma, depression or addiction, it can often clearly manifest negatively in their immediate environment and surroundings. When this understanding is also extended out into the wider world, a correlation can be seen between ones care of self and care of the planet. This relationship is key. It is our relationship to self and also everyone around us; how we feel about our place in the world and whether we believe we have the right to experience a full and happy life, with good health in beautiful, thriving surroundings.

By creatively exploring this link between the self and the Earth, through connection with elemental themes, natural materials, and the stories behind the seasons and cycles of the planet, it is my hope to allow people to access their (often hidden and historical) unmet emotional needs. A good story, like a good meal, nourishes the human in a fundamental way.

I very much look forward to connecting and creating with considerations of all of the above, and If you’d like to get in touch to discuss any of these points, please do!

Imogen Di Sapia

Bright Moon Theatre
Brighton, Summer 2015




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