The Crossing

Bright Moon Theatre Presents

The Crossing – Stories for Hallowe’en

On the Evening of
November 1st 2015
@ Bom-Banes, Brighton

Pulling together our most loved creepy tales and stories of the dark, this evening of puppetry performance for adults takes place at the junction between times – the crossing of the Celtic new year and a place to hear whispers from the shadowed corners and veiled places of our world.

Calling upon the story traditions of magic, spells, trial, quest, death and rebirth, we wander off into the woods with a variety of hand-picked performances from some suitable storytellers who, at any one time, have a foot firmly in the land of the Hidden Folk.

Our evening of performance will take place at nightfall at the atmospheric Bom-Banes in Brighton on Sunday November 1st (start time TBC).

Performances will include;

The Lady of Shalott; A Victorian-Gothic puppetry rendition of Tennyson’s epic poem.

Baba Yaga (or Vasilisa the Brave); The original Cinderella, we go down a darker path with this telling of the traditional Russian Magic Tale.

Plus other performances to be added in the coming months.

Tickets will be £12 full price and £10 concessions;
please note that places are limited in this intimate venue.

All enquiries please email Imogen at;


Are you a performance storyteller who would like to contribute?

Please see the following criteria and get in touch with your submission;

The Crossing – Stories for Hallow’een

We are asking for submissions to meet the following criteria please, this is to enable as many performances as possible within one evening and within an intimate venue;

Your story is a gift; please offer us your most heartfelt story with the consideration of using a traditional oral-storytelling format, inasmuch as;

There will be no fourth wall; your audience are immediate and interactive, and you will be performing directly to them.

The focus of the narrator / storyteller must hold the performance, puppets and audience.

The set must be adaptable / minimal / site-specific. Please consider technical aspects carefully. The emphasis on this event is hand-crafted, minimal and simple theatre.

Also consider how easy the technical aspects are transferable to different settings and spaces. There will not be much prep or set up time between stories (perhaps 10-15 minutes).

The audience can and should be able to see the nuts, bolts and cogs of the design and performance. We encourage aspects such as puppeteering, set changes and scene transition as important, un-hidden parts of the experience for everyone.

Running time- please structure your performances around a 30min (or there abouts) running time.

We are hoping to offer up to six different performances during the evening.

We have never done this before and are very excited at the prospect of a mini-festival storytelling event!!!

Imogen & Co,
Bright Moon Theatre

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