Well, you spend so much time preparing, making, rehearsing and worrying about a show, and it’s over in a flash! 

Here are some photographs of our group show The Crossing, hosted by Zu Studios in the often wild and fiery Lewes.

The Crossing was a way for me to gather folks together and creative something lovely and strange, an event to honour the time of year, and also to take creative-stock for myself, to see what it is I’m working with. 

The story-force is very strong, those old voices whispering and chattering to me again. I’m excited to go further down that path and gather more tales for the future. I’m also working on my voice, which I’m learning to accept and appreciate after a long time of speaking with voices I couldn’t fully own. It’s getting there, with patience and some hilarious and effective excercises from my vocal coach Dorothy.

Creating a group show has also shown me what I like and don’t like about certain aspects of theatre, and the responsibilities of being a producer, director, designer, maker and performer. I wore a lot of hats on this project, and they didn’t all fit!

This coupled with a very poorly household of flu and a chickenpoxed toddler, I feel like I’ve been to one of my edges, time for a break, until the next show at least…

So, taking stock, learning, feeling my way into what’s for me and what isn’t, saying yes, saying no.

I think what’s important is to know ones self, which is easier said than done, but this comes with time and being open to new experiences. Because when we know ourselves, we can follow a vision, perhaps it’s been bubbling away for a while, this feeling of creative direction, because throughout all trials, tasks and various crap / good  jobs, it leads somewhere. And when you arrive in the place that’s been waiting for you, it feels very good, things just happen, events synchronise, people appear, and life feels vivid and rich. 

I wish you all luck on your paths, and hope you find a friendly place to rest along the way,

Imogen x

Imogen Di Sapia

Bronia Evers, Storyteller

Lily Waugh & Vasilisa the Brave

Lily Waugh & Eleanor Conlon as Vasilisa & Baba Yaga

Imogen Di Sapia & Vasilisa the Brave

Eleanor Conlon & Katie Sommers in Three Ribbons

Eleanor Conlon & The Lady of Shalott

Imogen, Katie, Eleanor, Lily & Amanda in The Lady of Shalott

Eleanor Conlon & Lily Waugh in The Lady of Shalott

Musicians Iona & Sam 

Imogen & Katie Lenton in Bluebeard, by Liza Stevens

Liza reads Bluebeard

Storyteller Toby Aisbitt

The ghosts of Bluebeards wives

Morgan & David on guitars

Imogen reads Shalott
Three Ribbons

Vasilisa the Brave & The Tale of Baba Yaga

All photos by Jessie Glover Gillilan

The Crossing at Zu, November 16th 2015

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