I found this beautiful old wooden Santos (also know as a cage-doll due to its construction) and knew she was needed for a future project.

These religious figurines were uses as portable saints in catholic festivals and processions in small villages and towns throughout catholic Europe and South America.

This one possibly originated in Italy, as research tells me the beautiful glass eyes are an Italian craft speciality, and dates to around 1830-1900. I believe the seller acquired her in France, so she’s slowly made her way across the water…
Female saints have a special place in my heart; from Senara of Zennor, Hildegard of Bingin, and more recently Brigid of Ireland, and not forgetting Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene, I’m drawn by the threads of enduring goddess worship that have survived transmutation from pagan to Christian symbols.

I think it’s about time these wild women had their voices heard, so in this spirit, my idea for a story craft project is arriving…

What happens when we re-wild a saint? Anything could happen!

More to come in 2016, including making an appropriately magnificent dress for such a beautiful object of prayer.

Here are some pictures of her in a temporary outfit; she arrived bald and naked so I wanted to offer her something by way of welcome;



 Imogen Di Sapia 2015

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