Puppet Circle

Bright Moon Puppet Circle is a creative collaborative collective of artists & performers across many disciplines with a shared love of puppetry and storytelling.

We meet regularly to discuss, educate, workshop and create new works with a shared vision and love of folk tales, the hand-made and powerful storytelling through the medium of puppetry.

If you are interested in connecting with us to assist in creating and supporting our work, please email artdress@hotmail.co.uk



Imogen Di Sapia

(maker, storyteller, founder of bright moon theatre)

“My great loves are the many crafts involved in beautiful theatre-making, combined with creating transformative moments through the wisdom and alchemy of storytelling.”

Twitter @brightmoontheatre


Katie Sommers

(animator, puppet maker, puppeteer, co-founder of rust and stardust puppet theatre)

I am passionate about hand made work and old objects. The tactile and personal nature of both of these excite me; they hold secrets and stories. Rust and Stardust tell thought-provoking stories through stunning visuals and live music.”

Twitter @ruststardust1

Lily Waugh
(sculptor, puppeteer, workshop coordinator, curator)

“My current practice is focussed on the magic that surrounds story-telling: the ways in which I can make objects embedded with a potential narrative.”




Amanda Davidson
(published children’s book illustrator, author of adult craft books, poster designer, mural and paint effects artist, cut-out puppet theatre maker, art tutor)

“My passion is painting theatrical scenes, particularly involving dance and circus, and set painting; I involve myself with local festivals and devising eco-projects.”

email: amandasdavidson@gmail.com


Heather Champion (Mrs Magpie)
(designer & maker; lino cuts & letterpress printing, typography workshops, illustrator, jewellery designer & wire smith, curator, owner of mrs magpie’s press & co-owner of mr magpie collectors emporium)

“I love the rewards of focusing my efforts, thought process, design, consideration, sensitivity, craftsmanship and energy, and I really like to encourage others to explore their creativity. Inspiration is all around me; Brighton, the sea, the downs, woodland, nature and any kind of natural beauty.”




Kate Armes
(drama and voice teacher, director, writer and maker of theatre; also pretty handy with a roll of gaffer tape.)

“Storytelling is central to the human experience; stories help us develop empathy, imagination, and resilience. The chance to escape into an imaginative world helps equip us to engage with the real world. To tell stories is a pleasure, a privilege – a necessity.”


Katie Lenton – Break An Egg

(animator, puppeteer & art director)

“Specialising in stop motion animation and in love with recycling materials, my personal work focuses on human rights issues and eco messages. I’m currently learning to work with copper for no reason at all.”



Alouette Hill
(maker, painter)

“I choose to work with a range of mediums; I believe materials have their own distinct character and I like to respect this as an important part of the outcome, using materials to create illusions that marry humbleness with grandeur, and construction processes that happen under the surface.”


Twitter @alouettehill


Liza Stevens

(illustrator, writer, & maker)

“I seem to be on a lifelong quest to bring stories to life with pictures and puppets. I can’t help it. My inspiration usually comes from the characters I see every day: the solemn-eyed child on the bus, the old woman wearing a carrier bag for a hat, the man with swollen feet at the cheese counter. There is magic to be found in them all.”


Twitter: @Arty_Liza

Eleanor Conlon
(Writer, Director, Producer, Puppeteer)

“Eleanor is a writer, director and producer with an MA in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama. She is passionate about stories and storytelling, folklore and mythology and all things homegrown and handmade.”





Hannah-Rose Tristram
(Community Choirleader, Voice Coach & Vocal Therapist,  Musician, Writer, Performer, Banshee)

“I believe in being creative, expressive, intuitive and fully alive as a human right; so I have dedicated my life to embodying this, and to facilitating others in exploring and expanding their creative selves.”

Twitter @HanRoseRa

Natural Voice Network:


GLOWchoir on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GLOWchoirBrighton-734538586593537/timeline/


Melodie Stacey

(artist, dollmaker)

“My aim to is to create stories in my work through many different mediums. I want my art to tell a story, or for the viewer find a story of their own. My inspirations come in many forms from the Art of the Renaissance to the stories of Tove Jansson.”

Shop; https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/melodiestacey

Bronia Evers

(Storyteller, puppeteer, maker of puppets and miniature story worlds, workshop facilitator

and co-founder of One Moment In Time Theatre)

“My love of both language and image led me to become a storyteller. My work moves between the world of the spoken word in all its richness and breadth, and the realm of images, both seen and unseen, in all their mystery and depth. I am fascinated by the many ways in which word and image can combine to offer the listener a bridge in to the world of story.” 

 Website: www.onemomentintimetheatre.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/onemomentintimestories

email: bronia@onemomentintimetheatre.com

Toby Aisbitt

(Writer, Maker, Storyteller)

“Exploring the magical and mythical through poetry, prose, and shadows.”

His recent piece for The Crossing is;

The Wood of the Dead – A reimagining of the work of Algernon Blackwood.


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